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CommBox and Poly X70

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

In today's post, we're excited to demonstrate how effortless it is to start an impromptu whiteboarding session with the latest MTR device from Poly, the Poly X70, and the CommBox Classic S4, using Microsoft Teams Rooms.

MTR rooms are convenient for one-touch join video conferencing, but their utility is restricted to just hybrid VC calls. The Microsoft team has recently introduced Microsoft whiteboard into the Teams Rooms device, which has transformed it into a versatile tool for in-person collaborations, workshops, brainstorming, and design sessions, provided there's an interactive screen in the meeting room.

You can now open the Microsoft whiteboard from the Microsoft Teams Room device. Meetings that begin in person can swiftly engage virtual participants from within the whiteboard, we just need to add participants.

The most ingenious ideas often emerge spontaneously, not in pre-scheduled meetings. Outfitting every meeting room with interactive screens allows your team to enjoy greater flexibility and collaboration opportunities. This feature helps to bridge the gap between the people working remotely and the people in the room. People want to use the rooms that serve them the best, resulting in better collaboration and outcomes.

Reach out to the team at CommBox if you would like to know more about the Poly X70 and CommBox Classic S4 today.

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