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Raglan Rural Fire Services


Raglan Rural fire services were utilising laminated maps which they would annotate on with a marker in partnership with a conventional whiteboard on which they recorded and presented plans and instructions. This would often then be re-communicated digitally and verbally. With time and clarity critical to Raglan Rural fire services operations, this method of collaboration and communication lacked efficiency and accuracy, often leading to problems and delays.


CommBox provided a digital alternative which is easy to use and has provided Raglan Rural fire services with significantly improved planning and collaborative capabilities which include;

  • The critical ability to annotate over a variety of digital maps including maps in Collector. This has allowed them plan incident responses in real time and share and save the information digitally.

  • Graphically share the location of resources and objectives and instructions with the existing panels in the mobile firefighting apparatus.

  • Observe and plan real time overlays of overground or underlying infrastructure.

  • Share information from other devices wirelessly to the CommBox screen and beyond as well as be able to work natively in and on Microsoft products.

  • Be able to switch between wireless and onboard connections as well as use the onboard digital whiteboard seamlessly (without the need to shut down or save material prematurely).

  • The CommBox will also be used as part of their internal and Community Education programs, meetings and training sessions.

CommBox Interactive Classic 86 with Premium Soundbar and onboard computer comes ready to provide this immediate capability. The systems are simple to use and do not require the purchase and installation of complex and customised collaborative software. The CommBox Classic interactive panel is now a centralised hub for the brigade. The panel is now a critical component for the RFS Active Dashboard and Collector RFS software.

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