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CommBox Signage 

Impactful signage in minutes

Create and deploy impactful digital signage in moments and revolutionise the way you share communication with CommBox Signage. Digital signage has never been simpler.

CommBox Signage

Available on CommBox interactive and display ranges

CommBox Signage is a powerful digital signage solution that helps schools, businesses, and organisations effectively communicate their message to students, customers, visitors, and employees.

Easily manage and update your content in real-time and target specific audiences at the right time and place. From wayfinding to emergency messaging, to advertising and informing, create the signage you need using 100’s of customisable templates that can be purchased and downloaded, enabling the creation of visually stunning digital signage content. Choose from a range of pre-built templates or create your own from scratch using the simple drag-and-drop designer. 

Whether you want to promote your products and services, inform and educate your audience, or entertain and engage your customers, CommBox Signage offers a versatile and reliable platform to meet your needs.  

Pre-made templates

Key Applications

Nearly every business needs digitial signage to communicate to customers. Here are some of the key applications.

CommBox Signage.jpg


Utilise CommBox Digital Signage in schools and universities to display important information and announcements, schedules, and emergency alerts in a clear and eye-catching way. It can also be used to showcase student work or upcoming events, and as a tool to support classroom learning. 

Cafe Signage 2.png


From digital wayfinding, to displaying event schedules, menus, and important updates, CommBox Digital Signage can also be used to entertain via rss feeds, streaming services, and to create a more immersive experience with engaging digital content. 



Share internal communications, such as displaying company news, metrics, and goals in a way that engages employees. CommBox Digital Signage can also be used for digital wayfinding, displaying visitor information, or showcasing business information or advertising in public areas. 

yoga singage.jpg


CommBox Digital Signage can be used in fitness settings to display class schedules, promotions, and motivational messaging. Showcase workout routines, or provide information about equipment and available facilities. 

CommBox Retail Signage.jpg


Display promotions, new products, and upcoming sales. Use CommBox Digital Signage to guide customers through the store with wayfinding, and to engage them with relevant content. 

Dentist Signage.png


In a healthcare setting, CommBox Digital Signage can display important health information, wayfinding, and emergency alerts. It can also be used to entertain patients in waiting areas or to provide educational content in treatment rooms. 

Simple Cloud CMS

Key Specs

Unlimited Screens

CommBox Signage works on all screens, from our own Interactive Classic touchscreens, Signage Displays and Commercial Displays to TV’s, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, and Kiosks, all in true 4K with no file compression.

User Friendly

With simple drag-and-drop interface, create the signage you need using from scratch, or utilise 100’s of customisable templates that can be purchased and downloaded.


Deploy your signage via our reliable cloud infrastructure, ensuring full playback even when the screen is offline. Rest assured that your communication will always be available, giving you peace of mind.

Manage Anywhere

Monitor and control all screens, no matter where they are from one single location for simple management from a central location. 


Set a start and end date for signage, perfect for time-sensitive communications such as limited-time promotions, or event reminders. 

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The CommBox 


At CommBox, we believe that the experience is just as important as the product itself. That's why we offer the CommBox Experience, an unparalleled level of care and support that sets us apart from other screens.  

Our local Australia-based support team is available to help you every step of the way, providing expert training, guidance and troubleshooting whenever you need it. We even guarantee a same-day response if you get in touch before 3 PM AEST. Plus, with our 5-year warranty, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected.  

We're committed to ensuring that you have the best possible experience
with our products, and we're always here to help you get the most out
of your screen.  

Free virtual training 

True onsite swap out warranty



Live Chat Support, Comprehensive knowledge base 

Subscription Free 

Trust & Security 

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