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Karter Cadence
Motorised Stand

Create a professional and modern classroom or boardroom with the Karter Cadence Motorised Stand. Robust, reliable and smooth motorised motion.

Cadence Education Scene

The versatility means it can be converted to a fixed free-standing, motorised stand using the floor mount conversion kit.

It offers powerful features, including motorised height-adjust supporting "home" and two pre-set levels with buttons built into the stand. Alternatively the Cadence can be controlled via RS-232 (if supported by IFPD). Designer 100mm castors make it easy to manoeuvre through doorways, and internal built-in cable management keeps cables hidden and organised.

The Cadence allows for adjustability so you can position your screen to your preferred height to work or teach in a standing or seated position. With internal cable management for power and ethernet, keep cables hidden and tidy without compromising on style.

Supporting interactive and display screens from 55" to 86”, handy laptop shelf included.

Watch the video to see how versatile it is

See it in action....

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