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The DemoCase

Meet your new sales assistant

The Democase is the perfect plug-and-play solution for exciting demos and training sessions.

The DemoCase

 65" - RESOLUTION: 16:9 

The CommBox DemoCase is the ultimate solution for hassle-free product demos and training sessions. Whether you're preparing for a live demo or training, the DemoCase has got you covered.


This self-contained and portable kit is packed with everything you need to set up and test your equipment, making it easy to impress prospective clients and customers with plug-and-play demonstrations.


Say goodbye to the stress of packing and testing equipment and hello to a simple, exciting demo experience with CommBox DemoCase.

DemoCase Downloadables

All the right information, all in the right place. 

Download Here:

CommBox Demo Case

See it in action....

Key Specs

Robust Hardware

The Classic V3X features a 4K Android display delivering crystal-clear images and vivid colours, while its durable design is made to withstand daily use, providing a reliable solution for demos and training sessions.


Packed full of extras, the DemoCase also includes a CommBox Signage Display 43” with 6 Month Signage, a Universal VC Bracket,
Karter Tilt and Karter Tripod stand, 2 Pull-Up Banners and a CommBox Powerboard, plus a range of accessories. 


The built-in Zoom and Teams functionality means you can carry out your demo or training session remotely, making it easier for you and more convenient for your customer. 


The DemoCase comes with a FocusAi Camera mounted using the Universal VC Bracket. Perfect for remote demos and training, or to showcase video conferencing with the DemoCase. 

Slot-in PC 

Turn your DemoCase into a large screen computer and access familiar Microsoft Applications with the included Slot-in PC. 

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