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Microsoft Teams Rooms

Deliver a better hybrid working experience with CommBox screens and certified Microsoft Teams Rooms devices from the worlds leading brands.

Are your meeting rooms complicated, messy and a poor experience for your team? A study by Microsoft found that, on average, people are wasting between 8-12 minutes just getting their meetings started. Microsoft sought to solve this problem by reinventing the meeting room and improving productivity by seamlessly starting meetings with the simple press of a button. Microsoft Teams Rooms devices together with CommBox foster easy, inclusive and interactive meetings for everyone, regardless of where they are. By connecting people across the hybrid workspace, you can now give remote staff the same high-quality experience as those who are in the room. Turn any space into a meeting room with a wide selection of devices and features that work with CommBox screens. Let CommBox be the focal point of your meeting spaces, empowering adaptive and flexible meetings that bring together remote workers and in-room participants. Find how you can deliver consistent meeting experiences designed to make collaboration easy with CommBox and Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Simpler meeting spaces for better collaboration

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a platform intended for the meeting room, delivering a consistent and frustration-free experience. A standalone software licence, its sole job is to run video calls. To create your meeting room with Microsoft Teams Rooms and CommBox, you will also need the following devices:

  • Certified Video Conference Camera

  • Certified Microphones

  • Certified Speakers

  • Certified Central Room Controller

  • Certified Compute Device

These can be combined into one single device, or can be added to the room as their own individual components. This set-up is what enables one-touch join, easy content-sharing and seamless meeting experiences across all rooms for all users. With solutions for every workplace size and set-up, no matter how or where you work, CommBox is your collaboration partner. See below for just three examples of the many meeting room solutions CommBox can offer.

CommBox screens are hardware and software agnostic, which means you can enjoy a consistent experience no matter which video conferencing device you select


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