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4 Microsoft Teams tips for educators

Updated: May 11, 2023

Microsoft Teams has proven to be a powerful resource for online classes and meetings. Make sure you

1. Use OneNote Class Notebooks

One straightforward way to share information with a group of students is by using OneNote Class Notebooks. Sharing and collaborating are useful in creating and developing new documents and sharing professional development materials.

To set up OneNote in Teams, head to the top of the general channel and select the ‘Class Notebook’ option. You can then add or edit pages using the expandable menu on the left-hand side of the notebook. You can create a blank notebook or copy content from an existing Class Notebook.

2. Record Lessons

Recording a class is a great way to build lessons for future use and a handy way for students to refer back to a previous lesson when needed.

Recording a lesson means it will automatically save to the cloud, which allows you to share this resource with other classes and teachers. Be aware of student privacy rules, required permissions, and any disclosure laws when recording.

3. Blurring Backgrounds

While virtual backgrounds have been around for a while, the blurred background is an easier, quicker and less distracting option. This can be selected from ‘choose virtual background’ in the drop-down menu.

Educators can also show students how to use this function to help protect their privacy.

4. Create and Manage Breakout Rooms

Use breakout rooms during class meetings to divide students into smaller groups for discussions, group projects, and more. Open and close rooms more than once during a session, or move individuals between rooms.

Only meeting organizers using the desktop versions of Teams (Windows or Mac) can create and manage breakout rooms.

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