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Having the right tech

Having the right technology… is kind of like finding the perfect pair of shoes.

You heard right, purchasing technology and shoes are strangely a very similar process. There are the obvious considerations. Functionality, aesthetics.

But it’s the details you don’t fully appreciate till after the purchase that can really make the difference. Longevity. Quality components. Applications – how many times are you going to get to use them, how many different occasions do they work for? Are you going to get your return on investment?

And then there’s the old staple – Comfort. Are they something you want to wear. Or in the case of technology, something you want to use or is it not worth the blisters and heel pain? When something is a pain to use it ends up set aside, gathering dust.

So how do you avoid buyer’s remorse?

CommBox have resellers all over Australia and NZ will the ability to demo or loan out CommBox products to your school or business. Ask us how!

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