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The Spinner App

Looking for a fun and engaging way to make decisions using your CommBox?

Look no further than the Spinner App. Our latest app is a random selection tool that spins through a list of customisable inputs to help you make decisions, meaning there are no more pulling names out of a hat, or finding it hard to decide the next trivia category.

Our Spinner is an overlay app designed in a list format. While a wheel spinner is usually more common, it has limitations with readability. No matter how large the wheel is on screen, once you hit a certain amount of inputs they become too narrow to be legible. We wanted our users to be able to upload multiple inputs that can all be read clearly. For example, a teacher is now able to load an entire classroom of students’ names to use the Spinner as a random name generator. The Spinner then saves these inputs, saving you from repetitive data entry.

You can have up to two Spinner apps running on your screen together. Prepopulated with the seven colours of the rainbow, you simply tap the ‘Add’ button to add another line, tap to change the name, and slide a row to delete. With its easy-to-use interface and a happy or sad sound effect to accompany the final decision, the Spinner is the perfect tool for fun and effortless decision-making.

The Spinner isn’t just limited to education – it has endless uses as a random selector, from the classroom through to the office. Select a raffle winner, or decide who presents first at the team huddle. Can’t decide what series to watch next on Netflix or where to have the next team lunch? Let’ the Spinner decide for you!

Check out the video below, or head to the CommBox Store to download free to your screen, and start spinning!

What other apps could we develop to make your day more streamlined, and help you make better use of your time? We are continually taking on feedback and suggestions from our valued end-users, and we’d love to hear from you!


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