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Queensland King’s Counsel

Updated: May 11, 2023

COVID-19 saw the need for the senior barrister to create a more interactive and user-engaging workplace.

“I am pleased with the purchase and have introduced colleagues to a better and more effective way to conduct practice.” Gavin Handran KC

PROBLEM When the COVID-19 lockdown laws took effect, Gavin Handran KC faced an urgent need for court hearings and meetings to be conducted via video-link held in his private chambers. He needed to have an interactive and more user-engaging workspace and something that colleagues in his chambers could also see and engage with.

SOLUTION The CommBox Interactive Classic 55 touchscreen’s size combined with the flexibility of the CommBox Tilt Motorised Stand allowed it to be used for video conferencing, both vertically or at tabletop setting, and as a complete desktop and standing desk solution.

OUTCOME Mr Handran introduced CommBox to his chambers and it now allows him to meet clients and solicitors, appear in remote courts virtually, saving time and reducing travel expenses for all parties. Mr Handran said that COVID has fundamentally changed legal practice, and previously rare remote court hearings have now become considerably more commonplace. To find out more about CommBox, or to request a quote or demo please click here.

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