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7 Ways an Interactive Touchscreen will benefit your business

Updated: May 11, 2023

Interactive Touchscreens (also known as Interactive Flat Panel Displays, or Interactive Whiteboards) continue to transform learning, meeting and work spaces. From flexible working to video conferencing solutions, touchscreens are empowering staff to connect and collaborate like never before.

However, while Interactive Touchscreens continue to evolve, many meeting spaces and offices around the world have remained unchanged, with tricky conferencing setups and over-complicated or outdated tech. The future of business is with interactive collaboration, and here are 7 ways it will benefit your business.

1. Start meetings in moments

Put an end to complicated, messy, time-wasting meeting rooms. By setting up a touchscreen, along with speakers, a camera and microphone, plus an optional control device, your room will be prepped to join meetings in an instant – no fussy cables or dial-in codes required.

Stick with the video conference software you know and love, while increasing the ease of scheduling, joining and starting meetings. Hardware and software agnostic, CommBox will work with all of your favourite video conferencing brands.

2. Increased productivity

Empower staff to maximise their productivity by transforming meetings to be more engaging, dynamic and creative for all attendees – both in the office or at home. Retain meeting notes directly from the whiteboard, and instantly share documents with the participants. From saving time trying to join a video conferencing, to enabling easy wireless screensharing, staff will already be gaining back valuable minutes, while enjoying a frustration-free meeting experience.

3. Better collaboration

Intelligent collaboration is the driving force behind a great workplace. The flexibility to easily share ideas and content, regardless of location, is crucial for the future success of any business. With a built-in whiteboard supporting multi-touch and an infinite canvas, illustrate ideas, share and collaborate on your whiteboard instantly.

4. Convenient conferencing

The ability to connect any personal device to an Interactive Touchscreen maximises the convenience of quick and easy meetings, document sharing and collaboration, no matter where you might be. Present from your desk, annotate in the meeting room, share a file on the road and collaborate in the sky – just as long as you have WiFi!

5. More engaging presentations

Bring presentations to life on an Interactive Touchscreen. Aside from the high resolution crystal-clear screen for those in the room, you can also share with ease via your preferred video conferencing software. Write, draw and annotate while presenting live, and even allow other participants to simultaneously share from their device, creating a more interactive and engaging experience for everyone.

6. Foster inclusivity for all staff

Crystal-clear audio and video are essential for meetings to be productive, and for participants to feel included whether they are at the front or back of the room, or dialling in from home, or even on the road. Make everyone feel like they are in the room together with a large format screen and can share and participate with ease to create a more inclusive experience, no matter where your staff are.

7. Improve your bottom line

While we think a productive, happy and engaged office is priceless, there are notable savings to be had from the use of modern technology in the workspace. From saving on the costs of decreased productivity to the cost of maintaining outdated tech, the total cost of ownership of Interactive Touchscreens is markedly lower than other office and meeting room solutions, so you can better invest into your business and your people.

Find out more about how upgrading to CommBox can benefit your business here

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