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Colonial First State implements cutting edge interactive play area at Chatswood Chase

Client Name: Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre, Sydney NSW | Colonial First State

Product(s): CommBox Interactive Classic

Client Location: Chatswood, NSW

About Client: Chatswood Chase, Sydney is a major shopping destination at the heart of Chatswood’s CBD with big name stores such as David Jones, Apple, Camilla, Pottery Barn & Kmart drawing thousands of customers a day. As a premier shopping centre, it was important to Colonial First State that all Chastwood Chase public facilities reflect the modern, cutting edge aesthetics at the foundation of the centre. This applied not only to public seating areas but children play areas. Colonial First State approached the design of their Chastwood Chase children play areas with the intention to engage and entertain their children visitors on a level they were familiar with from their home devices. They wanted to incorporate technology but recognised constraints existed, such as durability, maintenance and ease-of-use.

The Result: Colonial First State deliberated between many potential options but ultimately, the CommBox Interactive Classic was chosen as the perfect centre piece for their Chatswood Chase play areas. It’s modern, sleek look when mounted inside a wooden enclosure provided a quality aesthetic alternatives could not compete with and its toughened glass paired with the fact CommBox doesn’t require any maintenance suggested a level of robustness that was an absolute requirement given the location and age of its potential users. Since its install in 2014, Colonial First State have been rewarded for their investment with no operational or hardware issues to date with their unit. The unit has been easy to keep clean and its has been a winner with all its children visitors so far.


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