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How interactive technology provided multifaceted support for children with special education needs

The Morton Family live in remote South Australia, and mum Kylie, a teacher by profession, homeschools her three children, who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) along with other diagnoses that have an impact on their learning. She knew the results an interactive screen could provide, not just on their education but with their online occupational therapy sessions too, as well as preparing them to potentially merge back into mainstream education for their high school years.

“The kids are loving it, they are more engaged and they love the interactive side of bookwork” - Kylie Morton

OBJECTIVE Living and working on a remote cattle station in South Australia, Kylie needed a product that could provide a “versatile and multi-levelled teaching environment”, and something she could also use to make their online speech, occupational therapy and psychology sessions more interactive despite the distance.

“I saw the potential of the whiteboard to gain more engagement and interaction for my kids when learning new concepts as they are technology interested. I am a teacher by profession and I could see all the benefits of using it as a teaching tool too.”

Knowing that her children are motivated by their interest in technology and respond well to visuals, she knew the right screen could work well for them. Something as simple as being able to display a replica of a page from one of their few workbooks would make it easier for them to follow along, and complete the task.

SOLUTION Kylie had been following teachers on Instagram and watching how they used their screens in the classroom. She loved seeing the versatility of the screens and thought it would work well for her kids. However;

“None of the other ones I’d found online quite gave me what I was after, and I couldn’t see how they could enhance therapy for my children.”

One day she came across a teacher doing a demonstration with a CommBox, and found that it seemed to be able to do everything she wanted and then some. Kylie reached out to CommBox, and knew she had found her solution.

“The sales and customer support has been the best I have possibly ever experienced! I can’t fault it. All of my questions have been answered professionally and help has been given until I have gotten the result and understanding I needed.”

The installation of a large format CommBox Classic Interactive Touchscreen with built-in CommBox App Store has enabled the family to have more fun and provide educational activities and games that will help the children learn new skills and concepts. With a built-in browser and whiteboard, access to teaching materials and content is at their fingertips. The addition of the OPS creates a powerful big screen all-in-one PC.

OUTCOME Kylie has been pleased with the results she’s achieved for her children with the introduction of their CommBox interactive touchscreen. The children’s therapists are also finding that it has expanded how and what they’re able to do with the children despite the non face-to-face contact.

“It has had a positive impact on my teaching, the children’s education and their allied health sessions”.

To find out more about CommBox, or to request a quote or demo please click here.

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