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How ICMS adopted CommBox technology during COVID-19 bringing students globally to a single classroom

The global COVID-19 pandemic changed the way the world could operate, restricting and in doing so, reinventing the way educational institutions like the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) interact, teach and learn. With the shift to blended and online learning, ICMS sought out CommBox touchscreen technology to deliver the flexibility faculty and students required to be successful, whilst still experiencing the level of engagement only face-to-face interaction can offer. In this way ICMS have been able to sustain uninterrupted classroom participation of offshore and remote students throughout the pandemic.

Utilising CommBox touchscreens, ICMS has been able to take the world-class, career-focused higher education the Australian institution has built its reputation on providing to an entirely new level of flexibility. With the introduction of ‘Blended-Synchronous’ classes, online students have the ability to join a live interactive class from anywhere in the world. With activities and lessons specifically designed to allow physically present as well as virtually joining students to simultaneously participate, the classroom experience this institute have managed to culture goes go far beyond a simple vc experience. With CommBox touchscreen’s assisting to deliver an in-room collaboration experience from anywhere in the world, students now have more options than ever to decide how they want to participate, strengthening and enhancing any student’s ability to learn remotely.

Twelve months ago, compliance with government recommendations sent ICMS operations entirely online. Today, both the staff and students are benefiting daily from the transformation in the way they learn and teach thanks to collaborative and flexible technology such as that provided by CommBox, in partnership with innovative and forward-thinking faculty.

“The global Covid-19 pandemic may have disrupted our normal operations, but a year on, it is clear that we have adapted. We have emerged on the other side with a dynamic higher education offering that has pushed our technological and delivery strategy plans forward,” ICMS CEO Rowan Courtney-O’Connor said.

“COVID has accelerated change, and we chose to adapt by offering more flexibility and technological solutions to our students. Of course, we all can’t wait for international borders to open and for our international students to return to campus safely. Still, until then, with our ‘Blended-Synchronous’ classes and full support to our students from our teams in Australia and abroad, we can be proud of how far we have come over the past year, and we look forward to a bright future.”

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