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What is an All In One LED Display?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

An "all-in-one LED display" refers to a display system that integrates various components required for LED video display functionality into a single unit. It typically includes LED panels, control systems, power supplies, cooling systems, and sometimes even audio components. The purpose is to provide a comprehensive and convenient solution for displaying visual content in various settings, such as boardrooms as advertising displays and digital signage. Our All-in-One LED Display is known as the CommBox LED Board and it is designed for boardrooms, school halls, auditoriums, defence control rooms, and retail installations.

The key advantage of an all-in-one LED display is its simplified installation and operation. An All In One Display can be installed in 2 hours. Unlike traditional LED displays, which often require separate components and extensive wiring, all-in-one displays streamline the process by combining everything into a single unit. This reduces complexity, saves time, and makes it easier to set up and manage the display.

All-in-one LED displays come in three different aspect ratios - 16:9, 21:9 and 32:9.

Within each aspect ratio is a variety of sizes to cater to specific needs. CommBox LED 16:9 comes in 120, 138, 150, 165, 180 and 200 inches.

21:9 comes in 132, 181 and 209 inches.

32:9 comes in 199, 249 and 300.

All In One LED Displays offer the same features as customisable LED like high-resolution, adjustable brightness, and sharp contrast. The CommBox LED Board has a high resolution, adjustable brightness to 550 max, and is designed for indoor use only. Some models also include built-in media players, content management systems, and networking capabilities, allowing for easy content updates and control over the display. The CommBox LED display comes with built-in video processing, an Android operating system, networking options for LAN, WIFI and Bluetooth.

Overall, all-in-one LED displays are designed to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses and organizations looking for a hassle-free way to deploy vibrant and engaging visual displays in various environments.

To find out more about CommBox LED click here.

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