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Navigate the new hybrid landscape with CommBox and Microsoft Teams Rooms

Over 40% of employed people in Australia now work from home, according to data released by the ABS – and this is only expected to increase. It’s crucial that businesses get their meeting rooms set up to create a powerful collaboration environment that is easy to use, and enables effective and equitable meetings.

Where Microsoft sought to solve the problem of messy, over-complicated and time-wasting video conference calls with the creation a one-touch join experience, CommBox has sought to tie that together by working seamlessly with certified Microsoft Teams Rooms devices to foster inclusive and interactive meetings for everywhere, no matter if they are working from home, in the office or on the go.

It’s more important than ever that businesses create inclusive meetings by making sure everyone can be seen, heard and can fully participate from anywhere, so that remote workers get the same high-quality experience as those in the room.

CommBox Interactive and Display screens achieve this with features and capabilities to provide the best meeting room experience available, including:

  • Crystal-clear audio and video

  • Software and hardware agnostic

  • Built-in native wireless screen sharing

  • Purpose-built for collaboration, with an intuitive interface and built-in whiteboard

  • In-house support from our team in the Northern Beaches

Turn your workspace into a hub of inclusivity by connecting people across the workplace, with CommBox at the heart of your meeting spaces, empowering adaptive and flexible meetings that bring together remote workers and in-room participants.

While both screens work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams Rooms, the CommBox Interactive Screen gives you the ultimate flexibility. Enjoy the simplicity of Microsoft Teams Rooms for hybrid meetings, but with the press of button, give your team access to CommBox OS powered by Android for a richer in-room only experience.

Need help deciding which Microsoft Teams Room devices will work for your space? Speak to the team at CommBox. We work closely with Microsoft Teams Room partners and we can recommend best solution for your space that ensures everyone can be seen and heard.


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