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Phonemes App

Upgrade student’s language journey with the Phonemes App

Requested by you, designed and developed by us CommBox is proud to have developed a front-of-classroom tool that helps teachers to lead engaging lessons on phonemes, graphemes and syllables. The Phonemes App has been created to align with the Australian National Curriculum. Phonemes was requested by a Catholic school in NSW, and our team jumped at the opportunity to work with another school to develop an app that can really help educators. From that first meeting, through to prototype and beta testing, we released the app within six weeks. Phonemes is designed to be used by teachers and students from kindergarten, through to upper primary school.

What exactly are phonemes?

A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound in speech. When we teach reading we teach children which letters represent those sounds. For example – the word ‘hat’ has 3 phonemes – ‘h’ ‘a’ and ‘t’. The phoneme is what we hear.

A grapheme is a letter or a number of letters that represent the sounds in our speech. So a grapheme will be the letter/ letters that represent a phoneme (see above). English has a complex written code and in our code a grapheme can be 1, 2,3 or 4 letters.

Get rid of time-consuming laminated cards, and engage your students with the Phonemes App

Don’t waste any more time preparing and searching for cards

The phonemes app allows teachers to demonstrate the following at the front of the classroom:

  1. The most common phonemes and their single-letter graphemes (b, a, m)

  2. How phonemes can be represented by more than one letter or letter combination (c, ck)

  3. Short and long vowel sounds for letters a, e, i, o, u

  4. Single-syllable words with common double letters (ss, ll, zz)

  5. Constant digraphs (sh, ch, and ck) and constant blends

  6. One and two-syllable words with common suffixes (-ing, -ed)

  7. Vowels digraphs (ee, oo, ay, ai, ea, oa, ow)

  8. Less common graphemes that contain alternative spelling for phonemes (ch/tch/j/g)

  9. Single syllable words

  10. Multisyllabic words and prefixes and suffixes (in-,ex-,dis-,-ful,-able,-ly)

See it in action

Download the Phonemes App today! If you have a CommBox screen you can simply download the planner from the CommBox store. Once downloaded locate and launch Phonemes from Apps on the CommBox home screen. Phonemes will work on CommBox V3, V3X, S4 and S4+.

Contact your IT or our Customer Success team for any questions 02 9975 6001

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