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Rewards App

Encourage students with the Rewards App

Motivate your students to complete tasks, activities and duties using the Rewards App. Rewards is designed to replace any printed rewards systems, giving teachers the ability to track multiple boards across subjects, classes or even years – saved directly to your screen. Showcase individual progress, or track classroom duties. Students can choose from a range of stickers, encouraging their involvement in their progression. Download Rewards to your screen, and makeover your classroom behaviour management system.

Rewards is the motivational tool for your classroom

Run multiple reward boards (also known as tables) across tasks, classes, subjects, years and more. Highly customisable, the days of the week can be edited to suit your need, such as showcasing progress or task completion. Save time by uploading directly to the app via a CSV file and pre-populating your rewards table. Teachers can also duplicate boards to save them having to input names several times. Get students involved in their progress by choosing from a range of colourful stickers!

Get students involved in their progress with Rewards

See it in action

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