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Introducing the all-new CommBox Accounts

Introducing CommBox Accounts, your secure gateway to accessing your personal files in Microsoft or Google account directly on your CommBox screen.

With secure and easy OAuth sign-in, accessing your files has never been easier. Log-in to your OneDrive or Google Drive, personalise your sidebar for quick and convenient access to your favourite apps, or populate your home screen with weblinks or a new background image. Plus, with the added bonus of being able to save whiteboard sessions directly into your drive, you can free up your laptop for other important tasks.

Say goodbye to time-consuming data transfer and hello to streamlined productivity with CommBox Accounts.

Easy Log-In

Scan the QR Code using your mobile phone, and quickly and easily log in with your Microsoft or Google Account.

Secured by OAuth

Rest assured knowing that your data is protected with safe and secure account management with OAuth. All data is stored in Microsoft Azure in Australia.

Customise your Commbox

Change your background, add quick links and completely customise your sidebar. Settings are saved to your CommBox Account which means they can be accessed from any screen in any room.

Save to your account

Any changes you make are saved directly to your account, and you can even save your whiteboarding sessions straight into your OneDrive or Google Drive.

Log out securely

Set the length of your session at log-in and be automatically logged out at the end. You can also log out securely at any time.

Update via OTA (over the air)

Updating the CommBox Classic S4 or S4+ to the latest version of CommBox OS 2.0 Brolga release is easy! Follow the steps in the user guide or chat to your IT Manager. Access the user guide here.

CommBox Accounts is available exclusively on the Classic S4 and Classic S4 +

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