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Change the way you keep track of scores in the classroom

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Other than using a whiteboard and keeping a tally on the whiteboard that can be easily rubbed off there is no effortless way for teachers to keep track of things like table points, house points, and scores in games. Scores on a whiteboard can be easily rubbed off or scores written down on a piece of paper can be lost.

The Scoreboard app gives you a way to digitally score games in the classroom. You won't lose track of a score, particularly when you want to keep track of a tally over time. For example, you can track house points across a whole term or add points to different table teams.

CommBox Scoreboard App

Here are some of the benefits of the Scoreboard App:

  1. Fun, easy to keep track of scores and tallies in the classroom

  2. Never lose track of house points or table teams scores again

  3. Get the students involved in games by appointing a scorekeeper

  4. Motivate the students with fun competitive games

CommBox Scoreboard App

The Scoreboard app is jammed packed with lots of great features like:

  • Save as many scoreboards as you like - you can create scoreboards for table teams, sports teams, classroom games and house points.

  • Keep track of tallys over weeks and months

  • Easy to see which team is winning

  • Fully customisable, you can change the name of the scoreboard and the team names

  • Multiple ways to score:

    • First to reach a score like the first to reach 20 wins

    • Count down from 20 like the first one to reach 0 wins

    • Count upwards - you can continue scoring indefinitely

  • Choose the scoring interval, add 1 point, 2 points, 5 points even take away points!

The Scoreboard app can be downloaded from the CommBox Store and is compatible with the CommBox Classic V3, V3X, S4 and S4+.

If you have an app idea, send it through to

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