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Engage students and spark their curiosity with the Poster App

Updated: May 11, 2023

The idea for the Poster App came directly from our end-users in education. We found that teachers were spending a significant amount of their own free time searching for content to support their lessons, so we saw an opportunity to make it faster and easier for them by creating high-quality, full-screen educational posters that they can access in just two taps.

Printed posters are simply not the ideal solution for the classroom. If they are dotted around the room, not all students can see them, and if the teacher is having to manually bring them up to refer to, it’s cumbersome and can waste time.

This is where The Poster App comes in. With over 70 (and growing!) posters designed to be used as helpful teaching aids, CommBox has made sure to cover a broad range of relevant educational topics for kindergarten to Year 6, from literacy to science, and maths to the Maori language.

Poster App has been designed to help educators. All the posters open in full-screen to enable easy viewing for all learners and can be minimised for easy switching between posters and other content. As the app is built-in, there is no need for cables or screen sharing – the posters are right there ready to go.

The Poster App has been designed by our in-house development team here in the Northern Beaches. We love feedback and want to hear about other posters you’d like to see added. Reach out to us at and help us grow our library of posters so you have access to content that truly helps you.

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