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See how The Scots College is leading the way in interactive education

Client Name: The Scots College

Product(s): CommBox Interactive Classic, Wall Brackets & Sound Bars

Client Location: Bellevue Hill NSW 2023

About Client: The Scots College is located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Founded in 1893 it is among the oldest and most pretigious schools in Australia. As an all-boys school, Scots College decided they wanted to investigate an interactive touchscreen option on the premise that boys respond better to visual learning, so image quality and touch responsiveness were key factors in researching a solution.

The Result: CommBox Touchscreens were rolled out right across all Scots College classrooms, fitted on a CommBox Wall Bracket and with a Sound Bar. Though Scots College initial interest in touchscreens stemmed from research indicating boy’s were visual learners, they soon learnt that the benefits of touchscreens in a learning environment extended far beyond that. The Scots College was immediately drawn to CommBox Interactive Touchscreens due to their superior, bright, clear image quality and commercial grade LED components. CommBox Touchscreens use a combination of infra-red and camera optic touch technology making them highly responsive and creating a natural hand writing feel which exceeded the schools expectations for responsiveness.

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