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Storyline Online App on the CommBox Store

Stream videos of celebrated actors' readings of children's books alongside creatively produced illustrations.

Storyline Online is an educational website that features videos of well-known actors and celebrities reading popular children's books aloud. It was developed by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational and humanitarian assistance to SAG-AFTRA members and their families.

How can the Storyline Online app be used in the Classroom?

Storyline Online can be a beneficial resource for teachers to incorporate into their classroom activities. Here are a few ways Storyline Online can be used in the classroom:

  1. Read-aloud sessions: Teachers can use Storyline Online videos as a read-aloud activity, where the video is projected on a screen or smartboard for the whole class to watch and listen. This allows students to engage with the story through the actor's expressive reading and the accompanying visuals.

  2. Comprehension and discussion: After watching a Storyline Online video, teachers can facilitate discussions about the story, characters, and themes. They can ask questions to assess comprehension, encourage critical thinking, and promote class participation. This helps students develop their listening skills and comprehension abilities.

  3. Writing activities: Storyline Online can inspire writing activities. After watching a video, students can write a summary or retell the story from a different character's perspective. They can also create their own endings or write a continuation of the story, fostering creativity and storytelling skills.

  4. Vocabulary and language development: Teachers can select specific Storyline Online videos that introduce new vocabulary words or explore specific language concepts. They can provide students with vocabulary lists, and after watching the video, students can use the new words in sentences or engage in vocabulary-building exercises.

  5. Reader's theater: Storyline Online videos can be a resource for staging reader's theater performances. Students can practice and perform the story as a play, taking on different character roles and using the video as a reference for intonation, expression, and characterization.

  6. Independent reading support: Storyline Online can serve as a resource for independent reading support. Students can listen to the videos while following along with the physical book or e-book. This helps struggling readers with pronunciation, fluency, and understanding the text.

  7. Home assignments: Teachers can recommend Storyline Online videos as part of homework assignments, encouraging students to watch them with their families or on their own. This promotes independent reading habits and allows parents to be involved in their child's literacy development.

What are some of the benefits to CommBox users?

Storyline Online offers several benefits for children and educators alike. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Promotes literacy: Storyline Online encourages a love for reading and promotes literacy skills among children. By watching and listening to engaging storybook readings, children are exposed to the joy of storytelling, which can motivate them to explore books further and develop their reading abilities.

  2. Enhances listening skills: Listening is an essential skill for language development. Storyline Online videos provide an opportunity for children to practice active listening as they follow along with the actor's narration. This helps improve their comprehension, vocabulary, and overall listening skills.

  3. Engages visual learners: The combination of actors' animated readings and illustrations in Storyline Online videos appeals to visual learners. The visuals bring the stories to life and make them more accessible and engaging, catering to different learning styles.

  4. Provides diverse representation: Storyline Online features a diverse range of books and actors, offering representation and inclusivity in storytelling. Children can see and hear stories being read by actors from various backgrounds, fostering cultural understanding and empathy.

  5. Supports struggling readers: Storyline Online can be a valuable resource for struggling readers. The combination of audio and visual elements helps students who may have difficulty decoding words or understanding complex sentence structures. They can follow along with the text while listening to the actor's expressive reading, which can improve their reading fluency and comprehension.

  6. Sparks imagination and creativity: Storyline Online sparks children's imagination by immersing them in vivid storytelling experiences. The combination of expressive readings, illustrations, and animations encourages creativity and helps children visualize the stories in their minds.

  7. Provides accessibility and convenience: The online platform of Storyline Online makes it accessible to a wide audience. It can be accessed from various devices, allowing children to enjoy storybook readings at home, in the classroom, or while traveling. The availability of multiple videos also ensures a variety of choices for educators and parents.

  8. Supports parental involvement: Storyline Online can serve as a tool to involve parents and caregivers in children's reading experiences. Parents can watch the videos with their children, reinforcing the importance of reading and creating opportunities for discussion and bonding.

Overall, Storyline Online offers an interactive and engaging way to inspire a love for reading, improve literacy skills, and provide access to diverse stories. It complements traditional reading experiences and can be a valuable resource for children's overall language development.

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