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Trinity Grammar's CommBox solution

Updated: May 15, 2023

Product(s): CommBox Interactive Classic and Wall Brackets

Client Location: Kew, VIC

About Client: Trinity Grammar has been educating boys since 1903. It has a long history of innovation in technology stemming from 1984 when it became the first school in Melbourne to introduce the use of laptops. The challenge they were facing was replacing some existing, aged technology that had reached end of life. Trinity Grammar were interested in touchscreens because a picture paints a thousand words and it utilised a native technology both students and teachers were familiar and use to from their personal touch devices such as tablets and phones.

The Result: Trinity Grammar School chose CommBox Touchscreens because of the quality, rugged build and the instant connectivity for full interaction. Key factors that influenced their decision was the smooth, seamless and responsive level of touch on CommBox Touchscreens and their reliability. They completed a full roll out for all classrooms of the CommBox Classic on wall brackets. Since installation, Trinity Grammar have reported increased student engagement as a direct result of the CommBox Touchscreens. The interactivity brings class learning to life and students are excited for the opportunity to move things and interact with the screen. Additionally teachers are loving the ability to prepare class material on their own laptop and move it onto the screen as the lesson progresses. In a junior environment where teachers need to demonstrate character formation, writing on the touchscreen helps build visual clues and allows them to interact with media and information in a variety of forms. Where previously, with a whiteboard, not all students might have been able to see what was on the board, teachers at Trinity Grammar have reported increased focus from students which they believe is thanks to the CommBox Touchscreen’s bright image, anti-glare glass and vast viewing angle meaning everyone in the class can see what is up on the screen.

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