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We have joined the Brumbies ACT Family

Brumbies Head Performance Analyst Matt Watkins together with CommBox CEO Nicholas Hall and Brumbies Head Coach Stephen Larkham.

Exciting news for rugby enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike – CommBox is thrilled to announce our partnership with Brumbies ACT. As two leaders in our respective fields, we are joining forces. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in enhancing training sessions, collaboration, and overall team performance through the integration of CommBox's state-of-the-art Classic S4 Interactive Touchscreen.

At the heart of this partnership lies a shared commitment to innovation and excellence. CommBox's Classic S4 Interactive Touchscreen is set to transform the way the Brumbies ACT approaches training sessions. With its intuitive touch interface and immersive display capabilities, this touchscreen offers unparalleled opportunities for player development and tactical analysis.

Through the integration of CommBox's Classic S4 Interactive Touchscreen into their training facilities, the Brumbies ACT is set to benefit from enhanced collaboration and communication among players and coaching staff. From reviewing game footage to analysing opponent strategies, the interactive nature of the screen fosters a dynamic and engaging training environment.

CommBox is a leading provider of interactive display solutions, dedicated to enhancing communication and collaboration across various industries. With a focus on innovation and user-centric design, CommBox continues to set the standard for interactive technology solutions worldwide.

Brumbies ACT is a professional rugby union team based in Canberra, Australia, competing in the Super Rugby competition. With a rich history and a passionate fan base, the Brumbies are renowned for their commitment to excellence both on and off the field, making them the perfect partner for CommBox's interactive screen technology.

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