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Updated: May 26, 2023

The Planner app is our gift to every teacher, no matter what interactive touchscreen you use

Ditch the laminated cards for good The Planner is the first floating classroom planner that allows teachers to create their daily schedule without the need for any laminated cards. It’s 100% customisable and easy to use so that you can focus on teaching instead of planning!

Students can now easily keep track of their daily activities and know what is coming next. “With the year two kids, they know the symbols now. They know that it’s fruit break next or writing.”

“We are using it every day and it’s having a positive impact on not only us as it makes teaching easier, but the kids are having a rewarding outcome as well” Narromine Public School

Drag and Drop

With The Planner, you can easily drag and drop your classes into place using our simple interface. You’ll never waste time searching through a drawer for your laminated cards again!

100% Customisable

Close and Float

Keep Track

We are excited to launch The Planner app, a tool designed by teachers and for teachers.

Laminated Cards are just so Clunky

Nearly every classroom you visit will have a daily planner of some kind. Often a set of laminated cards are placed on the wall.

The laminated cards have some limitations, they fall off the wall or go missing. You need to create new ones for new activities.

Narromine Public School asked us to build an app that would allow them to have the daily schedule on the screen. They wanted it to be available on the screen all day so that during the day they could simply open it to show the students what was coming up next.

“WOW WOW WOW! Denise and I are blown away by the planner. It looks to be everything we have asked for!”

Narromine Public School

Download the Planner App today!

If you have a CommBox screen you can simply download the planner from the CommBox store. Once downloaded locate and launch the planner from Apps on the CommBox home screen.

For teachers using any other interactive screen, simply click the link below and save the file to a USB, plug into your interactive touchscreen, tap on the file and follow the prompts to get started. Contact your IT or our Customer Success team for any questions 02 9975 6001

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